Southern ID Gravity Bike Race

3pm, August 28th

Racers will be judged based on the best of two timed runs. There are
four categories for participants: boys ages 3-14, girls ages 3-14, men
ages 15 and older, and women ages 15 and older.

The kid’s events will be staged on a portion of the beginner trail,
and the adult contests will be staged on the intermediate trail. In
addition, an open advanced race will be staged on the mountain bike
park’s black-diamond singletrack trail.

The race will begin at 3 p.m. starting with the kids and followed by the adults.

The resort will award the first-place riders in each category with a
four-day punch pass to Soldier MTB Park. Second-place riders will earn
a one-day pass to the mountain bike park. Soldier Mountain will
present third-place riders with a T-shirt.

Riders can register online or in person. Kids cost $5 to register and
adults cost $10.

All riders must sign a waiver, and kids will need a parent’s or
guardian’s signature. Plus, riders must wear a helmet, eye protection,
and closed-toe shoes. Additional protective equipment is highly
recommended. A medic will be on site during the races.

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