Whether you're a beginner or an expert our qualified instructors can help you enjoy the mountain more confidently. Through innovative age appropriate teaching techniques, we help build the skills and the confidence you or your child needs to have fun while exploring more challenging terrain. Our Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI) certified school has an amazing group of instructors that will help you enjoy the mountain and be riding in no time. We have a consistent education program which builds on skills you learn each lesson so you can pick up where you left off each time you come to the mountain.


Whether you’re a first timer or a veteran looking to improve your technique, private lessons are the best way to improve your skills. No matter what you’re after, we have the right instructor to reach your goals.


  • Private Lesson $70

  • Group Lesson $39

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Soldier Mountain Ladies Day 2021

Dates: Thursday, February 3rd, 10th, 17th, & 24th.

Soldier Mountain Ladies Day is a four-day workshop designed to help all the Lady skiers and boarders of all levels to gather on the slopes, have fun, and improve their skills. We will focus on improving everyone’s technique, love for sports, and excitement for outdoor adventures.

On the first day, everyone needs to be at the Snow Sports Lodge and ready to ski/board at 10 am. From there, we will assess abilities, break up into groups, and begin lessons. On subsequent days, meet at the Snow Sports Lodge for lessons; lessons will be from 12-1:30 pm. After lessons, we will eat lunch and then you can spend the rest of your day skiing and practicing your new skills. Before your lesson begins, settle into your gear, use the restrooms, and do a few warm-up runs. Space is limited, reserve your spot now!

Soldier Mountain Snow Team

Ski Racing

(Proposed Dates: 1/8/21, 1/15/21) 

Week One: will include race-specific drills and stubby/brush gates.
Week Two: will focus on Giant Slalom with drills and techniques for a faster technical course.

Mogul Skiing

(Proposed Dates: 1/15/21, 1/22/21)

Week One: developing the skills to ski the bumps (flexion and extension, good up and lower body separation, and the importance of a pole plant)
Week Two: skiing the “zipper line,” hitting the mogul jump, and getting back to the rhythm.


(Proposed Dates: 2/5/21, 2/12/21) 

Week One: How to use smart style when progressing in the park and how respect gets respect. Call your drop and the safety considerations of riding in the park. How to 50/50 on a box, boardslide a box, and transition to a rail.
Week Two: utilizing ATML (approach, take off, maneuver, and land) and working towards landing a 180 or 360 and doing grabs.

Big Mountain

(Proposed Dates: 2/19/21, 2/26/21)

This session will include lots of hiking to Soldier Mountains Steepest Terrain (LZ, Maxima, The Glades). We will find cornices to drop, natural features to jump, and how all of the “typical disciplines can culminate into a BIG MOUNTAIN experience. We will also ensure athletes become aware of tree wells and how they form, ride together, keep eyes on riding partners, and interact respectfully with the mountain and Soldier Mountain Guests.

Soldier Mountain Boot Camp

Contact Snow Sports Manager to schedule.

Soldier Mountain Boot Camp is a three-day course designed to help skiers and boarders of all levels have fun and be confident on the slopes. Our instructors focus on improving each student’s technique, awareness for others on the mountain, and love for their chosen sport. This camp is spread across three Fridays with a 1.5-hour group lesson each day. How students use their time outside of the lesson is up to them, but they are encouraged to practice their new skills and explore the mountain. For students to maximize their learning time, please be waiting in the lodge and ready to ski no later than 9:00 am. Soldier Mountain will not provide transportation to and from the resort. We highly encourage carpooling and ridesharing.


Should I make a reservation?

Yes. This will ensure you have a lesson for that day.

Where do I register for my lesson?

Please check in for your lesson in the rental shop, which is in the back of the main lodge.

Are rentals available?

Yes. We have ski, board and boots rentals. We offer helmets with our rentals and they are also available to purchase.

What should I wear?



Weather can change quickly on the mountain, so layers are best. It is a good idea to have waterproof pants, a coat, gloves, along with sunglasses or goggles and non-cotton winter socks. Also, remember to apply sunscreen. A helmet is strongly recommended.

Questions? Call or email us!