What is RFID?


  • RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification

  • An RFID card is a high-tech plastic card about the size of a credit card.

What can I do with an RFID card?


  • Lots of things!

  • You will use it to check in to pick up your rental equipment, as your lift ticket, and to pay for your lunch!

Who gets an RFID card?


  • Everyone will have one! No man left behind, right?

  • Whether you’re a season pass holder or a one time visitor, you’ll need an RFID card instead of a paper ticket. (They make better souvenirs anyways.)

*There will be a one-time $5 fee when you pick up your card.

How to...

How do I create an account?


How should I use my account?


  • Just like your RFID card, your account has many uses!

  • First and foremost, you can bypass the lines at the ticket window and go straight to the lift.

  • You can speed through the line at the rental shop, grab your gear, and head for the slopes!

  • Parent alert! You can load money onto your child’s account so they can use their RFID card to pay for lunch. There is no need to send them with your credit card or, worse yet, cash!

How do I upload or change a picture?


  • Click HERE to log in to the Guest Portal.

  • Click the image or silhouette in the top right corner.

  • Near the top right of the page, click “Change Profile Image.”

  • You’ll then be prompted to upload your photo.

  • Please be sure your face and smile are clearly visible in the photo.

How do I add money to an account?


What if...

 I lose my card?

  • No big deal; it happens all the time!

  • Head over to the ticket window, and you can quickly purchase a new one!

My card looks different?


  • Nothing at all! We change the design of the card frequently!

  • If you’re starting a collection, head over to the ticket office and purchase an extra one!