Cat Skiing

If you book seats for a Cat Scratch you understand that if this trip does not fill to 8 people, it may be cancelled, you also understand that a private booking will take priority if this date has not filled to 8 people. You will be notified to pick another day for that cat scratch or be refunded.  Please consider booking a private if it will be difficult for you to be flexible with dates.

The refund policy is listed lower on the page in the FAQ section and explains the process if you choose to cancel or if Soldier cancels a cat trip due to snow conditions or safety concerns.


Soldier mountain boasts some of the best backcountry skiing in Idaho

While Soldier Mountain is a small, family-friendly ski area, it also boasts some of the best back country skiing in the state. Cat skiing at Soldier is just a little bit different than the typical back country experience. Soldier Mountain wants to give you a memorable day in the snow where you get to choose the lines you ski or board, as opposed to staying in tight formation following your guide.  We are not trying to save the snow for future trips. In fact, we encourage you to explore and find your own way within a dedicated area. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to find that sweet stash of untracked and pristine snow!

Soldier is a very unique mountain, with 3,000’ of vertical that tops out at almost 10,000’. The cat skiing area is a large easterly facing bowl so it collects snow and holds it between storms. The south facing bowls are the destination while the snow is fresh, later moving to north facing trees where the powder lasts long after storms. When conditions allow, the chutes off of Peak 2 open up, allowing access to the steepest terrain of any backcountry operation in Idaho.

The highlight of many trips is a short five minute walk up to Peak 1.  An east facing 25 degree slope, with 1,000’ vertical, there are enough trees to keep the snow fresh, but it is open enough to let the skis run.  With 2,000 acres of skiable backcountry terrain, Soldier Mountain has it all: big open lines, rolling glades, steep trees and extreme chutes. Tell the guides what you want and they will accommodate you as long as it’s safe to ski or ride.

Cat ski prices include the use of a transceiver, backpack, shovel and probe. If you have your own back country safety gear that you would prefer to use, please bring it. If our guides approve of your equipment, you are welcome to use your own instead of ours. However, the price of the trip will not be altered if you elect to use your own equipment.

  • Cat Scratch – This trip meets at the lodge between 9 and 9:30 and is approximately 6 hours long.  Runs Thursday through Sunday — $249+ booking fee
  • Private – This trip meets at the lodge at 8.  Rent the 12 seat cat privately for an 8 hour trip any day of the week — $2750+ booking fee
  • Two days of cat skiing with an overnight in the yurt in between ski days.  This trip meets at the lodge at 8 on the first day — $4650+ booking fee

**booking fee is 6%

Photo by Ben VandenBos

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of safety gear do I need?

For the safety of all of our participants, Soldier Mountain requires everyone to carry a beacon, shovel and probe. All necessary safety equipment will be provided by Soldier Mountain.

Does Soldier Mountain provide food or should I bring my own?

Please bring plenty of your own food and water. Soldier Mountain does not provide food, though we do have sack lunches available for purchase. If you are interested in a sack lunch with a sandwich, chips, cookie and a drink for $15 + booking fee, please let us know prior to your trip. Please plan on arriving early if you are purchasing food, so the trip can leave on time. There will be some water on the snow cat for emergency use, and you should bring your own for drinking throughout the day.

Will we stop for lunch?

We would rather give you the opportunity to get an extra run or two instead of stopping for a specific lunch break. We eat in the snowcat between runs, sharing stories and occasionally snacks. If you need a break mid-day, you are always welcome to sit out a run and stay with the cat.

What is the cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of this activity, conditions may prevent a cat ski trip from going due to safety concerns or snow conditions. Soldier Mountain reserves the right to cancel a backcountry trip at any point up until your scheduled reservation. If this happens, you will be provided a full refund or credit to be used within one calendar year. Up until 48 hours before your trip, you can cancel for a full refund or credit to be used within one calendar year. If you cancel within 48 hours, Soldier Mountain will provide you a 75% refund or credit to be used within one calendar year. If you cancel within 24 hours, no refund or credit will be provided. If the guide ascertains your ability not to be up to par for the conditions, you will be given Soldier Mountain credit for the same amount you paid for cat skiing to be used on the lower mountain within one calendar year.

Does the cat need to be full in order for a trip to run?

Our cat holds 12 passengers. For a Cat Scratch trip, there must be a minimum of 8 participants for the trip to run. If you have booked the cat privately, you can have as few people as you want, and there can be up to 12 people in your group.

Is the advertised price the total price of the trip?

There is a booking fee that will be applied at the end of your reservation process. Tax is included in this total fee. Possible additional expenses include a lunch, rentals or gratuity.

Can I bring anyone I want when I book the cat privately?

You can bring anyone who is an expert skier or snowboarder. We do need the name and contact information of everyone who will be on the trip prior to the date of the trip.

The ‘Smokey Dome’ Yurt

Turning your backcountry experience into a multi-day excursion!

Want to turn your backcountry experience into a multi-day excursion without leaving the beautiful snow-capped mountain?

As a cat ski participant, you have the option of staying in a mid-mountain retreat. Renting the Smokey Dome Yurt in conjunction with private cat skiing is a treat reserved exclusively for you. It will provide you with a quiet, cozy retreat after a long day of skiing or boarding in the backcountry.

The yurt can be rented in a multi-day cat skiing package. This combination allows you and your friends and family to spend two days in the backcountry, while staying at the yurt in between your days skiing or snowboarding. The yurt sleeps 12, so gather some friends for an overnight experience you won’t soon forget.

  • 2 days cat skiing with 1 night in the yurt for up to 12 people — $4650+ booking fee

Frequently Asked Questions

If I rent the yurt, do I have to share it with anyone?

If you rent the yurt, no one else will have the ability to rent it at that time.

What night(s) can I rent the yurt once I book my cat skiing trip?

Your yurt stay will be the night in between your two days of private cat skiing. So, if you are planning on skiing Saturday and Sunday, you can stay in the yurt Saturday night.

How do I get to the yurt?

The snow cat will provide transportation to and from the yurt, unless you want to get there on your own. If that is the case, we can make arrangements on an individual basis.


How do I get my belongings to and from the yurt?

If you are cat skiing and then staying the night in the yurt, we can bring your belongings up to the yurt in the snowcat. We ask that you bring no more than 2 bags, and both must comfortably fit next to you on the chairlift. These bags should be the same size as airline carry-on bags.

What is the yurt cancellation policy?

If you cancel within 48 hours, Soldier Mountain will provide you a 75% refund or credit to be used within one calendar year. If you cancel within 24 hours, no refund or credit will be provided.

What is provided in the yurt?

Our yurt is equipped with most of what you would need for a rustic night in the woods. Guests will need to provide their own food, beverages, clothing, sleeping bags, pillows, first aid supplies, and any other winter gear needed for sleeping in a wilderness yurt. Here is a list of what is included in the yurt: bowls, plates, coffee cups, wine glasses, hand towels, cutting boards, cheese shredder, egg beaters, stirring and mixing spoons, spatulas, chopping knives, silverware, paper towels, toilet paper, matches, can openers, oven mitts, trash bags, aluminum foil, clorox, scrub pads, 4 burner propane stove, wood burning stove, BBQ, large table with plastic and folding chairs, solar light, fire extinguisher, hand sanitizer, bunkbeds for 12 people with pads but not bedding. There is also an outhouse and firewood. You can melt snow on the stove in metal pans for water, or bring your own.