Our Closing Day Celebration

Saturday March 20th

• Cardboard Box Derby 11 am

• Pond Skim Competition ~ 1:30pm

  • Live Music
  • HUGE giveaways
  • Delicious BBQ & Drinks
  • Fun and Games
  • Twinkie Bonfire Roasting
  • Free Admission!
Register your Derby Team HerePond Skim Competitors Register Here


Registration: 9:00 am. Event Starts: 11 am

Prizes awarded for:

Fastest Box – 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Most Creative

Best Costumes

Rules and Information: (event limited to 15 racers)

“Vehicles” may be constructed with only cardboard, paint, tape, glue, rope or twine, and plastic wire-ties.

The sliding surface must be either uncoated cardboard or cardboard covered with tape.

No other substance may be on the sliding surface.

Wood, plastic or metal may not be used for anything but decorations

(which are encouraged!)

Decorations must not pose a hazard to participants or spectators.

For safety, pre-existing metal staples in cardboard must be removed or covered with duct tape on both sides.

Following the race – all boxes and extraneous materials must be removed from the premises!

Box entries will be inspected during registration. Decisions of the judges will be final.

Participants must be able to push or pull their “vehicle” to the top of the track.

Helmets are recommended.

All racers must have a SIGNED INDIVIDUAL WAIVER to race in a box. (Available during registration)

Please arrive early to allow enough time to get organized for the event.





1:00pm-1:30pm: All participants at the pond / checked in at registration, in costume.
1:45pm: Competitors meeting
2:00pm: Start

Awards just after the final skim (about 3:30pm)

Event Format and Rules

Round #1 – Everyone will try to skim across the pond. Those who make it across will advance to the next round.

Round #2 – Remaining skimmers must enter the pond switch! Farthest skimmer is the winner.

Rules (yes it does have rules)

-Participants must have skis or snowboards appropriately worn (normally mounted).
-Costumes are required and will be judged in a category by itself. See below for costumes.
-Skimmers must start in the order determined by the starter.
-The Pond Skim is open to all competitors.
-No one visibly drunk will be allowed to participate.


Male Skier
Female Skier
Male Snowboard
Female Snowboard
Best Costume
Best Crash

To be held at the pond a few minutes after last skim at the pond.

This is one of the most important parts of the event. Each competitor must wear one. Just a wig does not count! A silly t-shirt does not count. You need to wear a costume.  Anyone looking…normal……need not compete.