Silverton Avalanche School

Silverton Avalanche School and Soldier Mountain are offering the following course January 17-21, 2018!

This course is designed for avalanche workers just starting in the field. You will learn how to work on a team under direct supervision from a Team Lead.  This course covers a lot of the important fundamentals of understanding and managing avalanches.  Students learn how avalanche work from a more technical understanding.  Students learn how to recognize avalanche terrain, travel through terrain and document snow, avalanche and weather phenomena to the US Industry standard. Upon successful completion of a written test and field test students are awarded certification recognized by the American Avalanche Association.


Book This Course: Contact to apply.  Once you have meet the requirements of enrollment; you will be sent a link to pay for your course.

Skills Learned:

  • Observe, record and evaluate weather data
  • Observe, record and evaluate snowpack data
  • Observe, record and evaluate avalanche occurrence data
  • Identify analyze and document avalanche hazard factors
  • Communicate the avalanche risk between team members
  • Identify and apply strategies to mitigate bias to individual and team decisions
  • Identify and characterize avalanche terrain
  • Travel safely and effectively over snow in mountainous terrain
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of avalanche formation and release
  • Demonstrate small party avalanche rescue and response

Marking and Evaluation: 70% total marks are required to pass the course. Specific categories requiring a “categorical pass” of 70% to pass the course include: station weather observations, snow profiles and snowpack tests, and the written exam.

Skills are taught to the standards documented in the Snow Weather and Avalanches: Observational Guidelines for Avalanche Programs in the United States (SWAG 3rd edition).

Student Requirements for Enrollment

Course applicants have completed the following AAA-recognized courses prior to enrollment:

  • Level 1 Avalanche Fundamentals (AIARE or AAI or AAA approved)
  • Avalanche Rescue Fundamentals (AAA approved)


  • One winter season (20 days or more) of relevant experience (demonstrated through one of following).
  • Prior avalanche work experience;


  • A supervised unpaid work internship in the guiding/avalanche industry supported by a letter of reference;


  • Winter backcountry travel experience supported by documented trip planning and recorded field observations that contributed to avalanche hazard assessment and personal avalanche risk management;


  • Letter of Recommendation from AAA professional member;


  • AAA Membership (Affiliate or Professional)

*Applicants who believe they have the educational equivalent of the above-listed prerequisites can apply to the AAA for a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) review. Contact us with questions.

Course Details

Cost: $960.00 + booking fee

Course runs 8am to 5pm daily

Not Included: Food, Lodging, Transportation.


Book This Course: Contact to apply.  Once you have meet the requirements of enrollment; you will be sent a link to pay for your course.